by zero absolu

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Release: Jan 12th 2012


released January 12, 2012

Recorded by Zero absolu
Mixed by steph Kroug at Woodstudio
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg



all rights reserved


Zero absolu Mainz, Germany

Crossbred between post-noise, metal, shoegaze, math rock and electronical music, Zero absolu (Mainz - Germany) is a modern one man band, based on loops where electronical music intervene with diverse musical instruments.electronical music intervene with diverse musical instruments. ... more

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Track Name: Zero absolu - First step
Something in the air is changing
Again fall, the beginning of the season of changes
it's in the coldness and loneliness that we learn more about ourselves
let's celebrate that.
Track Name: Zero absolu - Home sick home
hold on
Always looking for new
I surrender
I'm not the one
My own selfish anarchy
Home sick home
always looking for you
don't you compromise?
it's always better at night

good bye
home sick home
always looking for new
don't you compromise?
I'm so annoyed
The mountains hide the view
I'd rather be blind
can't see the ocean and the sea
I'm so annoyed
Home sick home.
Track Name: Zero absolu - The hill
I’m blurred, running under the rain.
I see the sunlight over the horizon
I run, faster and faster.
Here I go, touching the light.
But the rain still hitting my face.
I hope to handle the sublime
My heart’s full of a nonsense.

I run, breathless
Faster and faster
Up to the hill
To see the other side
Hoping for the best
Before the day I die
My chest is burning and my lungs so dry
I’m so Alive.

I turn myself back
And I see you
I figured, I don’t want to stand alone
And I’m going back
Just to be… with you.
Track Name: Zero absolu - Hello darkness, hello gentle moon
on a porch swing sits
the old man Tait
in the silence no rocking breaks the still
only the rough sulfuric crush
of a matchstick squeezed between its two lustrous cardboard pages
it was plucked from a dishful on any given bluegrass tuesday night
to light a smoke in the hazy poolhall
of the local Fine Establishment
folks are lively from music and bourbon whiskey
strings and ringing voices drown out serious conversation
those nights all hands are clean
bows are tied and shoes are shined
spanking in the cheery yellow light
but on the porch swing
beneath the humming electric lantern flickers
alone with a heady cherry wood pipe
a gritty hand waves at the fading twilight
saying, hello darkness
hello gentle moon
the day is full of bushels and crates and stacks
bumpy rides past cornfields, pastures
the harvest slowly fills the coffers
fills the store house up to the rafters
where fallen apples beard themselves with rusty crispen leaves
only to be ravaged by some local ants
tending to their own lilliputian farm
because no matter what the scale
sunless times are coming

bringing relief from the light of day

It’s Fall, in my city, it’s no man’s land
I’m bored, let’s move on
Track Name: Zero absolu - Vertigos & confusions
Again in the viscious circle, no worst place to be
go to the center of it, I feel so strong yet weak
Electric particles in blood, I need to evacuate
loose some kind of water, our tears mean everything

Vertigos and confusions, expressions of fear
to feel so strong yet weak, our tears mean everything.

Use me, I believe.

To feel alive, only nothing changes.
Track Name: Zero absolu - Lord of the unconscious
I don't give a fuck about the world
But you weren't nice with me, bad girl
I'll write the most awful song to destroy you my dear.
Someday I feel nihilist (that's when) I write love song
Track Name: Zero absolu - Snowball aftertaste
I'm sure you're afraid
So am I
This is awkward.

So, we both fell under part
Where the sun doesn't rise completely out of bounds

We’re both alone
So, spare me your winter tone Or I'll not be able to think.

It’s the snowball syndrome
We’re out of borders

I'm so blurred, some millions of fates
I chose the one where I fell down
Under winter sky I'm gone
I broke the line, you came back

set back, your fear, Which side of the feather would you take to draw a permanent circle on my back
Track Name: Zero absolu - A kingdom without walls
Don't you mind being my fate?
let's try to build our own kingdom, now!
without walls! I can't breathe!
without walls! I can't breathe!
Track Name: Zero absolu - Strike it down
Well, again a country jams, no doubt it’s October
People are losing hope, and want to save their faith, the country’s hurt
Every year the same pathetic show
The world is staring at us
Fighting for something we lose fighting for it.

Strike it down
Track Name: Zero absolu - Season is failing
I'm not an open book
you have to read between the lines
season is failing
people don't want to cry
they want entertainement
to feel the illusion of feeling
to get rid of feeling
Track Name: Zero absolu - Amend grace's legacy
Scratch the surface
Scratch it deeper
You nihilistic as fuck
Trying to control the world
I tried what you called plague

And it tasted like paradise
The only aftertaste is you
And it tasted like paradise
The only aftertaste is you

I'd rather feel the pain
Than living a tasteless life without you
Amend grace's legacy.